King-Hall, who also returns to LRT and seems to have a growing audience following, made herself a paradox that had us both aloof and yearning to want more. ... compelling ... magnetic and seductive ... It was impossible to ignore the permanence she brought to the group's one drifter.

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…the engaged and grounded performance of Lizzie King-Hall …lends Heidi an earthy sensibility.  Heidi is like a sponge… She grows and adapts, but always seems like Heidi.

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Just about perfect… Lizzie King-Hall as Heidi captures many nuances as she grows from woman-child to mature mother.  She dominates the production as this central character must.

Lizzie King-Hall as Maria is charming, bawdy, and vengeful as needed.  And what fun she seems to be having!  It was great to watch her work.

In a talented young cast, King-Hall, as Helena, is the stand-out… Her campy delivery and perfectly exaggerated gestures fit perfectly into Alec Wild's modernist version of the play.

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